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Who's Making the Festival

Adelaide Festival Centre (Presenter and Producer) Trustees

Barry Fitzpatrick AM
Bill Spurr
Susan Clearihan
Zannie Flanagan AM
Hieu Van Le AO
Jim Hazel
Carolyn Mitchell

Adelaide Festival Centre Senior Management
Douglas Gautier - CEO & Artistic Director
Carlo D'Ortenzio - Chief Financial Officer
Elizabeth Hawkins - Director of Programming and Development
Mary-Anne O'Leary - Director of Marketing & Communications
Michael McCabe - Director Venue Operations
Greg Adams – Manager, Ticketing & Venue Sales
Peter Morelli - Food & Beverage Manager
Paul O'Leary - Information, Communications & Technologies Manager
Paul Grooms - Finance Manager
Dominic Stefanson - Public Affairs Manager

OzAsia Festival Programming
Joseph Mitchell - Festival Director
Jennifer Soggee - Programming Coordinator
Tess Appleby - Programming Coordinator
Maggie Fletcher - Visual Arts Executive
Charissa Davies - Visual Arts Executive
Robyn Callan - Education Officer
Robyn Goldsworthy - Education Officer

OzAsia Festival Marketing & Corporate Relations
Cassie Childs - Marketing & Corporate Relations Executive
Beth Shimmin - Marketing Coordinator
Lilly Liu - Marketing Assistant
Cheree McEwin - Publicity Executive
Petrina Egan - Publicity Executive
Leanne Cotter - GreenRoom and Student Tix Marketing Coordinator
Julie Jensen - Graphic Designer
Dace Howard - Digital Support
Dale Menz – Data Coordinator
Matt Redmond - Senior Web Developer
Linda Mundy - BASS Ticketing System Coordinator

OzAsia Festival Development
Robyn Brown - Development Manager
Samantha Sutch - Development Officer
Jemma Stead - Development Coordinator
Vanessa Lionello - Development Assistant

OzAsia Festival Venue and Production Services
Tom James - Production Coordinator
Ben Brooks - Head of Staging
Jane Rossetto - Head of Sound
Chris Searle - Head of Lighting
Kate Hagan - Patron Services Executive

Special thanks to all the Production, Patron, and Asset Services Teams

BASS (OzAsia Festival Ticketing)
Natalie Adam - BASS Client Services Executive

OzAsia Festival Merchandise
Cathy Barrett - Retail Coordinator

Moon Lantern Festival
Ben Hambour - Event Manager
Kathryn Sproul - Event Designer
Sue Broadway - Artistic Consultant
Rebecca Fitzgerald - Production Coordinator
Corrina McLaine - Site and Community Assistant
Jane Rossetto - Head of Sound
Chris Searle - Head of Lighting
Cathy Barrett - Retail Coordinator
Robyn Goldsworthy - Education Officer

Special thanks to all the Production Services Crew

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