Australia-China Arts And Cultural Exchange Report Revealed At International Symposium 《澳中艺术与文化交流报告》在澳首发

Posted by Adelaide Festival Centre on Wednesday 23 January 2019

Adelaide Festival Centre will welcome the Australia-China Arts and Cultural Symposium on Sunday 10 February. 


Presented by Adelaide Festival Centre and the University of South Australia, the symposium will launch the Australia-China Arts and Cultural Exchange Report which has examined Australia-China arts and cultural exchange and engagement activities from 2007-2017. The event will also discuss a blueprint for Australia-China cultural exchange in the future.


Adelaide Festival Centre CEO & Artistic Director Douglas Gautier AM: “This is a major step in Australia and China’s arts and culture relationship following the Inaugural Australia-China Cultural Dialogue in 2016. We were proud to host the dialogue in 2016 and we look forward to welcoming senior arts and cultural leaders to Adelaide Festival Centre again to share important insight on developing relationships across the region.”

阿德莱德艺术节中心CEO兼艺术总监道格拉斯·古蒂埃(Douglas Gautier AM)指出:“这是自2016年“首届澳中文化对话”以来又一推动中澳文化艺术关系发展的重要一步。我们荣幸地举办了2016年的对话会议,同时我们也期待来自文化艺术领域的资深领导再次来到阿德莱德艺术节中心分享关于发展友好关系的重要心得” 。

Commissioned during the Inaugural Australia-China Cultural Dialogue and recently launched in Beijing, this study was undertaken and funded by the University of South Australia, working in collaboration with Beijing Normal University with grants provided by the Australian Department of Communications and the Arts and Adelaide Festival Centre, as well as support from the Ministry of Culture and Tourism of P.R. China and the Embassy of P.R. China in Australia. The report, which is available in both English and Chinese, was written by a team of authors led by Professor Ruth Rentschler OAM, Head, School of Management, University of South Australia and Professor Ying Zhu, Director, Australian Centre for Asian Business, University of South Australia, who also led the research for the project.

此研究受“首届澳中文化对话”委托开展进行,其报告成果于近期在北京发布。此项研究是由南澳大学资助并与北京师范大学共同合作完成,此项目还得到澳大利亚联邦政府通讯和艺术部及阿德莱德艺术节中心的资金支持,以及中国文化和旅游部和中国驻澳大利亚大使馆的支持。此份报告有中英两版,是由研究团队在南澳大学管理系主任露丝·温斯乐教授(Professor Ruth Rentschler OAM)和南澳大学亚洲商业研究中心主任朱迎(Professor Ying Zhu)教授的领导下共同完成。

The symposium will open with a talk on Chinese intangible cultural heritage, delivered by Minister Counsellor for Cultural Affairs at the Embassy of P.R. China in Australia, Mr Yang Zhi: The Australia-China Arts and Cultural Symposium will further our understanding of arts and cultural exchange and cooperation between China and Australia. I wish the symposium a full success.


The symposium will also include a panel discussion moderated by Douglas Gautier AM with panellists Professor Ruth Rentschler OAM; Professor Ying Zhu; Mr Yang Zhi; Ryan Webb, Director, Arts Investment & Cultural Diplomacy, Arts Development & Investment, Department of Communications and the Arts; and Dr Mathew Trinca, Director, National Museum of Australia.

研讨会还将包括讨论环节,参与讨论的嘉宾包括露丝·温斯乐(Professor Ruth Rentschler OAM)、 朱迎(Professor Ying Zhu)、杨治、澳大利亚联邦政府通讯和艺术部艺术投资与文化外交部主任瑞恩·韦伯(Ryan Webb) 以及澳大利亚国家博物馆馆长马修·特利卡博士(Dr Mathew Trinca)。该讨论将由阿德莱德艺术节中心CEO兼艺术总监道格拉斯·古蒂埃(Douglas Gautier AM)主持。

Ruth Rentschler OAM: “With China as Australia’s most important trading partner, stakeholders are looking for strategies to boost opportunities in trade, tourism and education. Cultural diplomacy is often overlooked as a means of opening doors to greater business opportunities. At this important report launch, we will provide the latest insights from the study to support Australia in its relations with China for business success by using the arts as the medium.”

温斯乐教授表示: “中国作为澳洲最重要的贸易伙伴,相关的责任方正在寻求促进贸易、旅游和教育发展的战略。在开启更大商业机会之门时,文化外交通常会被忽略 。此次报告发布会上,我们将为大家提供有关以艺术为载体促进澳中商务合作成功的最新见解”。



Australia-China Arts and Cultural Symposium


Sunday 10 February, 2:00pm – 4:00pm


Adelaide Festival Centre’s Space Theatre, King William Rd, Adelaide


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