About Us

Adelaide Festival Centre Scenery Workshop is the country’s leading commercial set builder, handling 65% of all theatrical scenery work in Australia. It plays an integral part in the success of most major musicals produced in Australia and Asia Pacific.

The Scenery Workshop’s quality, long-term industry experience are sought after for theatrical shows, exhibitions, interactive displays and festivals. We also provide production staff to assist with show transfers and bump ins/outs, and our ability to translate existing UK and American designs into new venues and touring sets is highly regarded.

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Adelaide Festival Centre’s Scenery Workshop Alliance with Theatre Safe Australia

Adelaide Festival Centre’s Scenery Workshop and Theatre Safe Australia (TSA) have formed a strategic alliance, enabling more sets to be constructed locally. 

The collaboration will see both organisations combine resources and skills to provide the most up to date technology and building methods to create theatre sets including, scenery automation, sculpture and props, set electrics and lighting, scenic painting and carpentry.

The changing theatre landscape and the impact of COVID on touring productions has prompted the alliance to ensure the creation of sets in South Australia continues and strengthens nationally and internationally. 

TSA is an Australian based company that creates inspiring solutions for the theatre and entertainment industry. The company is dedicated to using ground-breaking technologies from around the world to push the boundaries within a theatrical environment, further enhancing audience experience. TSA’s high-quality service is tailor-made for every client, encompassing production services, innovative equipment solutions, venue installations, service and support.

With the new alliance TSA can offer end to end solutions for Rigging, Automation, Scenery Building, Set LX and more for productions in Australia and worldwide.