An epic story of displacement, loss, and adapting to different worlds.


By Duncan Graham

A Windmill Theatre Co production - Presented in association with Adelaide Festival Centre

A Windmill Theatre Co production

World Premiere

Chloe and Hassan are under suspicion for stealing money while feeding the class axolotl. Sent outside to work out who’s responsible, the unlikely pair find they have something in common. Each of them has been forced by their parents to leave their respective homes and face life as the new kid at school.

As their personal histories are revealed, Chloe hears the incredible firsthand account of an Afghan boy who’s travelled alone, thousands of kilometres across land and sea, for a better life.

Is the discovery of Hassan’s back story enough to save him from Chloe’s desire to protect her position in her new-found friendship group?

Amphibian is an epic story of displacement, loss and adapting to different worlds.

Access Information

  • Audio Description: Tuesday 11 September, 1pm
  • Touch Tour: Tuesday 11 September, 12pm (pre-performance)
  • Auslan Interpretation: Wednesday 12 September, 10.00am

Writer Duncan Graham
Director Sasha Zahra
Designer Meg Wilson
Lighting Designer Mark Pennington
Composer Ian Moorhead
Cast Antony Makhlouf, Maiah Stewardson
Cultural Consultants Elyas Alavi, Muzafar Ali

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5 – 15 Sep 2018

Duration 50mins


Wed, 5 Sep 2018, 10:00AM

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Sat, 15 Sep 2018, 2:30PM

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