PLEASE NOTE: The work-in-progress staged reading of 'Black' has been cancelled. An autopsy of blackness in a supposedly diverse world.


inSPACE Development

Please note: the inSPACE Development Program work-in-progress staged reading of Black has been cancelled.

Cole Black walks onto the stage and cannot leave until he comes to terms with his own lived experience of blackness and the audience's response to his story.

Black explores love, power, storms, passion, and struggle. It forms a discovery about what it is to be a human wrapped in a skin that creates so many hurdles for some - and so many opportunities for others.

Sumner is marvellously revelatory of the Aboriginal experience, splendid in his clarity of language and of thought. Suzy Goes See
One of the most exciting new voices to come along in many years. Sydney Theatre Company

Creative Team

H. Lawrence Sumner - Writer
Chris Drummond - Director

Cast Bios

H. Lawrence Sumner

H Lawrence Sumner is a writer and former teacher with original works in theatre and song, as well as experimenting in film.

A directing graduate of NIDA, ‘H’ has been involved in performing and creating theatre since 1992, most notably with the Adelaide Theatre Guild, Magpie Theatre, State Theatre Company of South Australia and Sydney Theatre Company.

He has a Bachelor of Education in English and Drama and is also a former lecturer of the University of South Australia, coordinating and lecturing in Aborigines, History and Colonialism and Social Contexts in Education.

He continues to write for screen and theatre.

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26 May 2022

Duration 50mins (incl. Q&A)


Thu, 26 May 2022, 6:00PM


Drama Centre Rehearsal Room, Adelaide Festival Centre


Ages 18 and up

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