It's 2022. The seas are rising, the bees are vanishing, and you're worried we'll be next. Welcome to the end of the world. Pop on your heels and come dance.


inSPACE Development

It's a giggly party in an awkward teenager's bedroom and a pink champagne tinged summer fling. It's every crush you've ever had, the feeling of wings buzzing inside you, and the scent of eucalyptus in the morning. It's a Tuesday night rave in a suspicious looking warehouse and you're the only one sober. It's the taste of honey, sweeter than you've ever had, pooled on a cold, silver spoon.

It's a history class in tessellating hexagons, mounting anxiety and every type of yearning. A lesson about bees and loneliness and that boy you made out with behind your Nan's garage when you were fourteen.

It's 2022. The seas are rising, the bees are vanishing, and you're worried we'll be next. Welcome to the end of the world. Pop on your heels and come dance.

Creative Team

Isobel Marmion - Lead Creative
Caitlin Ellen Moore - Creative Producer
Kidaan Zelleke - Creative Collaborator
Fleur Kilpatrick - Dramaturg
Kialea-Nadine Williams - Movement Consultant

Creative Team Bios

Isobel Marmion - Lead Creative

Isobel Marmion (she/her) is a writer, performer, storyteller and arts worker based on Kaurna Country. She has a background in traditional theatre, comedy, and experimental cabaret. Her work frequently focuses on the intersection between science and communal experiences, and she often uses humour to explore class disparities, loneliness and mental illness. Her work has included Bonk: A Romantic Comedy About Science and Sex, People Piss in Here, It's My Funeral and I'll Throw Glitter if I Want To, and Disability Media Australia's sketch comedy What's Wrong With U? She has previously performed stand up, and experimental cabaret under the name CeCe Berlin. As well as writing for performance, she also writes book reviews, public letters and zines.

Isobel is Co-Director of the National Young Writers Festival, a member of RUMPUS, and on the board of deconstructed chamber music company Various People. She works for experimental arts organisation Vitalstatistix, and has previously produced festivals and works including the BBC's Contains Strong Language, Humber Mouth, The Big Malarkey and Gender Spanner. She has participated in the Melbourne Fringe Festival Emerging Producer Program, and the Gasworks Arts Park Emerging Artist Development Program. Isobel is a lapsed bookseller, and spent many years running storytelling workshops for children in bookshops and libraries. After a four-year break from creative work, she is excited to return to theatre-making.

Caitlin Ellen Moore - Creative Producer

Caitlin Ellen Moore (she/they) is a writer, activist, producer, and general noise-maker. A global citizen who’s lived in Asia, Africa, the UK, and the South Pacific; she is now based on Kaurna Land. Previously, Caitlin has been the SA Outreach Coordinator for Oaktree, the Access and Diversity Assistant for the Adelaide Fringe, and worked with Radio Adelaide as hosts for Global Generation, Film Fatale, and Thirty Minute City. As a writer she has written for StudentEdge, The Ladies Network, This is Radelaide, DECAMERON 2.0, and OnDit, and dabbles in spoken word poetry, featuring at Draw Your Swords, the 2019 and 2020 Feast Festivals, and will be curating the 2021 Feast Festival Writing Live program.

Previously, she has been the Marketing and Development Coordinator at ActNow Theatre. Currently, Caitlin is the co-host and lead producer of South Australia’s only queer radio show, Pride & Prejudice on Radio Adelaide, is a RUMPUS Member and sits on the Vice-Chairperson on the board of Radio Adelaide. As a freelance multi-arts practitioner, Caitlin is working under the name Wickedly Good Productions. Producing podcasts, theatre, and whatever else comes her way, her current project is Grief Lightning: A Satire in 78 Slides premiered to a sold-out season in Adelaide Fringe 2021 and will be returning for 2021 Sydney Fringe and 2021 RUMPUS.

Kidaan Zelleke - Creative Collaborator

Kidaan Zelleke (she/her) graduated from Adelaide College of the Arts' drama school in 2018. Whilst there she played roles including Brutus in Julius Caesar and Lady Capulet in Nescha Jelk’s modern adaptation of Romeo and Juliet. Kidaan has performed in local independent theatre including playing Hamlet in the 2019 production of Rosencrantz and Guildenstern Are.... This work will be reinvented as a part of the RUMPUS 2021 season presented by Good Company Theatre, where Kidaan be reviving her role and working as producer in what is now known as, Hamlet in the Other Room. She also played #13 in the successful Adelaide premiere of The Wolves by Clare Barron at RUMPUS Theatre.

Kidaan has worked extensively with Windmill Theatre Company on one of their touring shows Beep, both domestically and internationally and has been touring the stage adaptation of the award-winning TV show Bluey, Bluey’s Big Play. Following her directorial debut for Baby, What Blessings, presented by Deus Ex Femina in this Fringe, Kidaan followed on from that to direct Theatre Republic's Future: Present. Kidaan has most recently worked on a new South Australian work, Blood, Sweat & Karaoke, as a creative collaborator.

Fleur Kilpatrick - Dramaturg

Fleur Kilpatrick (she/her) is an award-winning playwright, director, dramaturg, performer and educator with a practice focused on care, kindness, community and sustainability. Fleur’s plays have won the 2019 Helen Noonan Award (Whale), 2018 Max Afford Playwrights Award (Whale), 2016 Jill Blewett Award (Blessed) and 2015 Melbourne Fringe’s Emerging Playwright Award (The City They Burned). In 2018, she made her mainstage debut with her play Terrestrial at STCSA. From 2017 – 2020 she was a lecturer at Monash University Centre for Theatre and Performance, and 2015-2018 she was the producer/programmer at Monash Academy of Performing Arts, where she commissioned new Australia plays and musicals but also community-driven works for local nursing homes, kindergartens and vision impaired audiences. She is the co-founder of Lonely Company, which worked from 2014-2020 to make writing more connected and less lonely.

Since moving to South Australia mid-COVID crisis in 2020, Fleur has worked hard to connect with her new community here in South Australia and the Clare Valley specifically. She has performed for CoOpera in Listen to my Story, hosted and performed new writing at The Itch (both live and on stage), worked with Vitalstatistix and PVI Collective as a performer/maker on Tiny Revolutions, performed her own new play Rebel to an online audience around Australia, mentored regional playwright Alysha Hermann through the Erin Thomas program and worked with South Australian disability activists to write about and advocate for the role of artists with disability in re-building post-COVID-19. She is currently working with new theatre company, Mid-North Theatre Group on suicide prevention strategies for the Valley and playwriting workshops for regional playwrights.

Kialea-Nadine Williams - Movement Consultant

Born in Wiltshire, Kialea-Nadine trained at Rambert School of Ballet and Contemporary Dance. She joined Phoenix Dance Theatre in 2002 under directors Darshan Singh Bhuller and Javier De Frutos. During five years with the company she performed throughout the UK and the world. Kialea-Nadine joined Michael Clark Company, performing I Do - a work from the Stravinsky Project at the Barbican Theatre in London 2007. During her time in the UK she won the National Critic Circle’s Award for Best Female Dancer 2007 (UK) for her performance of Harmonica Breakdown with Phoenix Dance Theatre. In 2008 she joined ADT under Garry Stewart, performing nationally & internationally ’G’, Be Your Self, Worldhood & Proximity. Since departing ADT Kialea-Nadine has worked with independent artists around Australia & was the rehearsal director for Tasdance’s Luminous Flux 2013 tour. She has performed in Madame: A Story of Joseph Farrugia for Torque Show, Reassessment & A Dying Swan for Daniel Jaber, Mortal Condition for Larissa McGowan, Beep for Windmill Theatre Company, Adelaide & China tour, The Spinners for Lina Limosani Projekts, Adelaide & Scotland & Beginning of Nature for ADT, Colombia & Netherlands. Kialea-Nadine will be working with State Theatre Company South Australia in the new work Hibernation directed by Mitchell Butel in 2021.

In 2017 Kialea-Nadine joined Adelaide College of the Arts becoming a classical ballet & contemporary dance lecturer in the BA Creative Arts (Dance) course and remounting full length Garry Stewart works G in 2019 & Birdbrain in 2021.

Image Credit: Laura Franklin

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