Close encounters with the Australian String Quartet, Anna Goldsworthy, Helen Ayres, and Slava and Sharon Grigoryan.

Live at the Quartet Bar

Curated by Sharon Grigoryan

Presented by Adelaide Festival Centre

Australia/Adelaide Exclusive

A unique music series that delivers quality chamber music in an intimate and relaxed setting.

Get up close and personal with some of Australia’s top musicians in this new music series curated by Sharon Grigoryan, cellist with the Australian String Quartet.

The environment is intimate and the vibe relaxed as the likes of Anna Goldsworthy, Helen Ayres, Slava and Sharon Grigoryan, and the Australian String Quartet perform and converse with you about their craft. The refreshing approach encourages a level of communication unexpected of serious, top quality chamber music, encouraging more connection between the audience and the music.

12 November @ 7:00pm - Anna Goldsworthy & Helen Ayres
9 December @ 7:00pm - Australian String Quartet
16 December @ 7:00pm - Sharon and Slava Grigoryan

Image: Simon Schiff

Interview with Sharon Grigoryan

Why have you curated the series the way that you have?
Classical music, for want of a better title for this genre, has turned into a completely different beast in the way it is presented to what it was back in its day. These days, when people think of a classical concert, they picture a large concert hall, very serious musicians in tails and evening gowns, and an audience dressed up to the nines and clapping politely in all the correct places.

More and more performers these days, including myself, want to bring it back to what it used to be: music presented in small, intimate venues, often casual such as someone's living room, where there is a real connection and communication between the audience and the musicians. This series is hopefully that. A small, casual venue, where the audience is welcome to have a drink and bite to eat whilst listening to music. The musicians won't be in tails or evening dresses, and neither should the audience be! The performers will talk to the audience about each piece, and the audience is welcome to talk back and ask questions. The whole thing is very relaxed.

Is there a common thread?
Yes! Great music, some of Australia's top musicians, and a fun and relaxed vibe between the performers and the audience.

What are you excited about?
The fact that the audience will be so "up close and personal" to great music. I firmly believe that classical music doesn't have to be dumbed down in order to be easily accessible. People are just as intelligent and discerning as they ever were. I'm excited about how we are presenting these performances - more like gigs, and looking forward to interacting with the audience throughout these performances. I am also hoping that there will be people there who have never been to a classical concert before, and who may think this is something they feel comfortable to go to. I know for certain that if they do go to this for the first time, that they will love classical music for the rest of their life!

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12 Nov – 16 Dec 2019

Duration 1hr


Quartet Bar, Adelaide Festival Centre


All Ages


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