Turning trash into (scientific!) treasure...

This Show is NOT Rubbish!

Six Foot Something Productions / That Science Gang

Presented by Adelaide Festival Centre

What was the last thing you threw away? Could you have reused that thing? Recycled it? Or… maybe used it to do some amazing science? As human beings, we produce a lot of rubbish — up to 1.5 tonnes of the stuff per person per year! Join the Trash Can Man in his award winning show as he turns trash into scientific treasure — that unexpectedly squeaks and screams, squirts and splashes, floats and flies… and then bursts into flames!

"It’s super exciting and a show for young and old — it’s definitely not rubbish." FOUR and a HALF STARS

FREE Kids Corner Workshop
1.30PM – 3PM
Dump Bunnies
Upcycle animal headdresses

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28 Sep 2019

Duration 1hr


Sat, 28 Sep 2019, 1:00PM

Sat, 28 Sep 2019, 3:00PM


Space Theatre


Ages 5 and up


All ages $15.00


All ages $12.00

Fees & Charges

A one off service and handling fee of $8.95 applies per transaction; this is regardless of the number or value of items purchased.


Smoke effects

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