Choreography with Erin Fowler

Online Workshop presented by centrED

Creator and performer of FEMME, Erin Fowler will lead students through several creative processes and choreographic ideas connected to FEMME, her award winning solo theatrical dance work that will be performed at the Adelaide Festival Centre in June 2021.

Erin will lead the students through a gentle, guided movement practice that brings them into their body and fully present to whatever is there – a great starting point for choreographic play.

After which they will be guided through a short piece of choreography from the show. The students will experience the choreographic process used in FEMME where Erin creates movement phrases based on verbatim voiceover text.

SACE: Dance, Creative Arts

AUSTRALIAN CURRICULUM: The Arts: Dance, Critical and creative thinking

Date Thursday 30 April (T2, Wk1) until Friday 29 May (T2, Wk5)
Duration 1 hour, plus 10 minutes of pre workshop preparation
Year Level 10 – 12

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