Leaps & Bounds Dance Day 2021 (Sold Out)

centrED’s annual day for Stage 2 Dance students is back!

An opportunity for senior dance students to gain inspiration and knowledge to set them up for success in Stage 2 Dance. Throughout the day students will get active and engage in three practical workshops focussing on various styles of composition and dance skills with professional dancers and educators. There will also be a chance to hear from experienced teachers about how to successfully manage the new SACE Dance curriculum.

SACE: Stage 2 Dance

Year Level: 11-12 (experienced Year 10 students welcome to meet class size requirements)
Date: Tuesday 16 or Wednesday 17 March 2021, Term 1 Week 8
Venue: Adelaide Festival Centre
Time: 9am – 3pm
Duration: 6 hours
Price: Schools $22 Equity $18 (min booking of 15, max 30 per school)

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Participants must wear appropriate dance gear. They are also expected to understand safe dance practices and dance class procedures. Teachers hold the duty of care and must supervise their attending students at all times. The day is busy, so we ask that all students and teachers bring their recess, lunch, and a water bottle to refill as there will not be the opportunity to leave the grounds.

Image Credit: Amber Eyes Imagery