Presented by No Strings Attached & Adelaide Festival Centre


SAME-SAME is an experimental online creative collaboration between performers living with disability in Singapore and Adelaide.

Driven by a common desire to explore lived experiences of marginalised communities, Jeffrey Tan (Singapore) working with Diverse Abilities Dance Collective (DADC) performers, and Emma Beech (Adelaide) working with No Strings Attached Theatre of Disability performers, explore similarities and differences between the experiences of living with disability in the context of a global pandemic. 

In this development showing, students will gain insight to the practical limitations and possibilities of working internationally in an online space.   

With a key theme of 'friendship', SAME-SAME explores what friendship means across cultural and geographical boundaries, and what impact a global pandemic has on friendship and connection. Another theme explores how we are the same, how we are different and the way we navigate those challenges in our daily life. Something we can all relate to. 

Singapore International Foundation Arts for Good Project. 

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Year Level: 8-10, ages 12-16
Date: Friday 13 November (Term 4, Week 5)
Venue: Quartet Bar, Adelaide Festival Centre
1hr + 20 min Q&A
Schools - $15.00
Equity - $10.00