Buy A Seat

Leave your personal mark on Australian Theatre history by ‘naming’ a seat in one of our prestigious theatres.

Treat yourself to an engraved plaque on the back of your chosen seat to mark an occasion, give it as a unique gift, or dedicate it to someone special.

Foundation donors care about the creative future of South Australia and recognise that the arts are an essential part of our lives. Doing more than simply providing entertainment, the arts celebrate our identity, heritage and diversity. Donations of $2 or more are tax deductible.


Donations are tax deductible. The engraved plaque on the back of the seat is a recognition of your donation to the Adelaide Festival Centre Foundation Incorporated.

The wording of the message on the plaque is subject to approval by the Adelaide Festival Centre Foundation Inc.

The message on the plaque must not exceed 50 characters (including spaces).

The plaque will remain in place for either 3 years, 25 years or in perpetuity, depending on the venue selected and amount of your donation.

Buying a seat is a charitable donation and does not give you legal ownership of the seat or the land on which the seat is located.

Buying a seat does not entitle you to admission to performances or guarantee allocation of that seat when buying tickets for a particular performance.