Children's Artspace Fund

Adelaide Festival Centre’s Children’s Artspace will change the way our arts education programs are delivered and accessed.


Adelaide Festival Centre’s Children’s Artspace is changing the way our arts education programs are delivered and accessed.

Children’s Artspace requires $350,000 each year to ensure that we make a meaningful difference to the children and young people who take part, and we cannot do this without your support.

We know that so many of our Adelaide Festival Centre Foundation supporters give to us to ensure that the next generation of South Australians have an opportunity to participate in, be inspired by, and fall in love with the arts.

Children’s Artspace is an opportunity to show your support for arts education and to donate to a project that will have an immediate and immense impact on young people’s engagement in the arts. Please donate today to ensure a long-term sustainable future for this valuable, innovative initiative.


The 21st century and its digital focus has naturally brought about changes in the way children learn. Because of this, our facilities and our approaches to arts education must also shift to ensure that our programs are accessible and successfully delivered. For almost 40 years, Adelaide Festival Centre has strived to provide ‘Arts for All’ with programs dedicated to children, families, and youth education. However, we are ready to take dynamic steps forward to continue providing programs that showcase the best of the arts and create pathways for every South Australian to access these programs, regardless of circumstance.

Children’s Artspace will celebrate our ‘Arts for All’ ethos with interactive and engaging exhibitions that both align with SACE and the Australian Curriculum. It will be free of cost to families, students, and members of the public. Exhibitions will be created by students in schools with the assistance of an artist, who will work with Gallery Curator Alice Dilger to bring everything together under a theme or set of ideas. Hands on experiences in schools and within the Children’s Artspace will provide platforms for discussion and exploration of key issues in a brand-new way that’s the first of its kind in Australia.


  • An interactive, hands on experience, where children can learn through creation
  • Facilitated through dedicated education programs that align with SACE and the Australian Curriculum
  • Dedicated space for work by children, for families and schools
  • Open to the public outside of performance times
  • Provide opportunities for Equity Schools to participate in visual arts programs through incursions and other workshops
  • Engaging children in discussions around diversity, STEM, and other prominent themes
  • Aligned with Adelaide Festival Centre programming, including existing festivals and exhibitions
  • Home to Adelaide Festival Centre’s Families programs
  • Cross-cultural engagement with similar institutions on a national and international scale, with the opportunity to showcase artworks


Adelaide Festival Centre have signed a memorandum of understanding with the Australian Central School of Art (ACSA), and through this the Children’s Artspace will use ACSA’s expertise to pair artists with schools to create exhibition content. Children’s Artspace is also forging relationships with similar institutions around the world, including: International Museum of Children’s Art in Oslo, Norway; Children’s Museum of Art in New York City, USA; and Hamada Children’s Museum of Art in Hamada, Japan.

The aim is to share expertise, resources, and even artworks with these institutions, creating this collaborative, cross-cultural relationship will assist with achieving our goal to showcase an international exhibition from a partner institution in 2023 for the 50th anniversary celebration at Adelaide Festival Centre.