Ensure a diverse future in the arts

The arts have an extraordinary ability to unite people from different backgrounds through music, the visual arts, dance, theatre and song. Celebrating diversity, promoting understanding, and providing exciting spaces for education and exchange are fundamental to the arts.

The Adelaide Festival Centre Foundation wants to help every South Australian engage with the Festival Centre’s many multicultural festivals and events, exploring cultures from across the globe through art, performance, literature and food. Your donation will help us continue these programs, and unite people across the state, now and in future.

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Your donation can help support:

OUR MOB & Our Stories 


Since 2006, OUR MOB: Art by South Australian Aboriginal Artists has provided a platform for contemporary First Nations artists to share their stories, ideas and art with audiences. The annual exhibition showcases the diversity and depth of works created by First Nations artists across South Australia, developing the careers of many and generating direct-to-artist sales. 


Mudra Dance Workshop

During OzAsia Festival, Mudra Dance was able to hold a number of workshops for school students to attend. Students attended the workshops which taught the Bollywood style of dance.  These workshops were made possible thanks to our donor’s support.  


OzAsia Festival

Funding from Adelaide Festival Centre Foundation has supported OzAsia Festival to present a program of free arts and cultural workshops and performances directly targeting young audiences in South Australia. Your support will provide access to culturally and artistically diverse programming that promotes greater awareness and understanding of Asian arts and culture.  

Donate today and you will help ensure access to the arts for everyone, all ages, cultures and socio-economic backgrounds.