Artists & Works: Moving Image Program

Artist statements and information about works selected for the Moving Image Program.

Venue: Outdoor screens, King William Road
Dates & Times: 24 hours per day, 7 days per week

The evolving Moving Image Program at Adelaide Festival Centre displays large-scale digital artworks at the King William Road entrance to the Festival Theatre. Artworks change each month and submissions are open to artists around the world.

More information, including how to submit a work for consideration, can be found here.

Banner image (installation detail): Henry Wolff, Sibling, 2019, 05:00mins.


Michael Kutschbach (SA) - fuliguline, 05:00 mins 

Michael Kutschbach Fuliguline

fuliguline explores Kutschbach's intuitive response to the Adelaide Symphony Orchestra as a living collection. It is the result of a research-based residency with the Adelaide Symphony Orchestra that investigates the interactions between the musicians, their instruments, sound and the theatre space. Wild colour and slow, bubbling movement create images that engulf the viewer in much the same way as the music Kutschbach saw performed.

This iteration of the Collections Project is a collaboration between Guildhouse and Adelaide Symphony Orchestra, delivered in partnership with Adelaide Festival Centre and the City of Adelaide.

Image credit: Michael Kutschbach, fuliguline, video, 2021.



Vanessa White (VIC) - Split Rock, 04:57 mins

Split Rock is a site responsive video artwork engaging in local history, geology and mythology. Through a process of mining historical data and mingling it with speculative fictions, collaborators Gülsen Özer, Vanessa White and Ania Reynolds, render this research into a poetic form.

 Image credit: Vanessa WhiteSplit Rock, video, 2021.



Shaun Wilson, Darrin Verhagen, Pearl Wilson (NSW) - Uber Memoria XXII Part I, 5:00 Mins

In May 2020, Australian artist Shaun Wilson’s aunt died from COVID-19 as one of the many who have succumbed from an evil and unrelenting illness. In response, Wilson has constructed a slow cinema feature film located in the long-term video art project The 51 Paintings Suite as the fourth instalment which, since 2006, has positioned models into poses located in German medieval paintings from the Black Plague era to recontextualise and reconfigure new spaces both in terms of a ‘memory’ of the former within frame and invite questions as to the meta-validity of memory versus the post- sustainability of simulacra.

Uber Memoria XXII Part I is a companion work in this series, the first of ten new video works manufactured to represent these ideas while at the same time, bring a dialogue about plague art into our current situation of COVID-19 as a kind of memorial to those who have perished and those who have lived through lockdowns and quarantine on a global scale.

Image credit: Shaun Wilson, Darrin Verhagen, Pearl Wilson, UBER MEMORIA XXII Part I, video, 2021