Artists & Works: Moving Image Program

Artist statements and information about works selected for the Moving Image Program.

Venue: Outdoor screens, King William Road
Dates & Times: 24 hours per day, 7 days per week

The evolving Moving Image Program at Adelaide Festival Centre displays large-scale digital artworks at the King William Road entrance to the Festival Theatre. Artworks change each month and submissions are open to artists around the world.

More information, including how to submit a work for consideration, can be found here.
Banner image (installation detail): Henry Wolff, Sibling, 2019, 05:00mins.


Cynthia Schwetsik (SA) - AnthropocenTric Speculations #3, single-channel HD, 02:25 mins, developed during the residency at Sauerbier House, Port Noarlunga, 2020

What is art of the Anthropocene? a memorial or an embodiment of the times? Is this what we call Solastalgia, the lament for the species, people, and places that have and will be lost? The complexity is larger than this new language of grief, not enough to undo the future. I turn upside down, an absurd attempt to escape the world of concepts and anchor myself in the real.

Image credit: Cynthia Schwertsik, AnthropocenTric Speculations #3, single-channel HD image still, 02:25 mins



tandem projects (SA) - Three Acts, 5:18 mins

Three Acts by tandem projects (Nicole Clift and Inneke Taal) is a performance in the act of making. With references to theatre, architecture, cinema and art, the simple paper forms become full of potential. Their scale can be read as handheld, or infinite based upon their relationship to the body and the camera. They are at once clumsy and grand. Most importantly, perhaps, they are human forms; an extension of play, thought, and reflection. In considering the site of Adelaide Festival Centre, tandem projects wanted to break the fourth wall, or in this case, the screen to gesture towards the humble beginnings of any major production. The evolution of these paper possibilities appear as momentary realities; a building, a sculpture, a curtain, a gesture, an action, a change of scene.

tandem projects is the collaborative practice between Adelaide-based artists Nicole Clift and Inneke Taal. Through tandem projects we ruminate on our twin interests in site, movement, time, space and language through the lens of public space and collaboration itself. This joint venture is our way of not only combining our multidisciplinary individual practices, spanning video, sculpture, textile, sound and installation outcomes but also to extend our research into new fields, bringing other creators into projects. For us, the process of collaboration is always an active element and in many ways our work is a conversation.

Image credit: tandem projects, Three Acts, 2022. Single channel moving image still.



Henry Wolff (SA) - CARE, 16:00 mins

Navigating subjective experiences of care, compassion, and love – the project ‘CARE’ shares with viewers a series of tender gestural expressions of human connection. Fostering virtue and an ethical consideration of the individual’s responsibility and embeddedness in society, the work asks people to consider their own relationships and context to one another. The exchange between empathy and objectivity in imaging the human figure is a central theme of Wolff’s practice, as they contemplate and search the impact of social structures to understand the ongoing construction of identity.  

 Image credit: Henry Wolff, CARE, 2021. Single channel moving image still.