Screening Artists: Video Art + Digital Media

A list of previous and current screening artists on Adelaide Festival Centre’s media screens.

Image Sara Pathirane, A Shipwreck, 2013, 5:36mins, installation detail.


James Price (VIC) – Plunge, 02:54 mins

Plunge is an exploration of the Festival Centre's former life as The Adelaide City Baths. The Baths occupied the site from 1861 to 1969. The film celebrates the memories made during that time - a time when the city was developing rapidly and the Baths were a place people would come together, relax and escape the worries of city life

The work was created through a City of Adelaide Public Art Grant. Many thanks to the City of Adelaide for their support for the project, and to the Festival Centre for showing the project.


Peter Crnokrak (DE/CAN) – What Need Angel, 02:35 mins

What Need Angel is a synesthetic transcription of the brainwave response of a five-year-old boy while listening to music. The computational video uses dynamic particle animation segments that are woven together to form a seamless, though at times jarring, reflection of the music listening experience. Particle behaviours such as size, speed, colour and direction of movement are all determined by the user’s passive brainwave responses to music stimuli.


Ash Coates (VIC) – Mycolinguistics: Rubico-sterolosis or Oneness, 08:22 mins


Mycolinguistics: Rubico-sterolosis or Oneness is an animated exploration of the parallels between different neurological, bacterial and fungal pathways within our biosphere. The languages and symbiotic relationships of plants, fungi and bacteria cultures give rise to transformations of microorganisms, energy fluctuations, transmigration of cells and the distribution of nutrients within the environment and our bodies.

It is these processes that influence and form the shapes, composition and psychedelic tones within my work. It is a process of ritual and meditation on things both massive and microscopic, magic and scientific, internal and external.


John Power (VIC) – Bugbug Temple, 04:09 mins


Bugbug Temple is a short atmospheric work that uses a generative approach to creating time-based collage. The work evokes the ascending path of a nocturnal pilgrimage.

Commissioned by Andrew Garton for The Light in Winter Festival, and programming by Stewart Haines.


James Kurtze – Kooky Machine 2D, 01:40 mins


Kooky Machine 2D features an animated pinball machine inspired by James’ collection of 80’s popular culture toys and his favourite memories of childhood times spent playing Sonic and other pinball and arcade machine games. To create the animation for stage 1, James partnered with Indonesian/Australian designer and animator Mawarini who introduced him to programs like Adobe Illustrator and After Effects. These expanded James’ understanding of how to enhance his already fantastic ideas and made it possible to include whacky moments inspired by favourite 1980's classic movies and tropes such as Indiana Jones, Star Trek, Willy Wonka, the Universal logo and many more.