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Joep Beving

Her Majesty's Theatre
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Joep Beving's Hermetism, intricately crafted with the artistic vision of Boris Acket, weaves together deeply evocative piano melodies with captivating, dynamic light installations.

This groundbreaking performance introduces the audience to two central elements: "the source" and "the balance." These innovative installations offer more than visual appeal; they serve as a profound examination of the intricate connections between light and sound, challenging the audience's perceptions and inviting them to partake in a collective sensory exploration. 

By seamlessly merging Beving’s introspective piano work with Acket’s moving kinetic sculptures, Hermetism redefines the boundaries of traditional musical performances. It unveils a rich, multi-sensory narrative that spans the spectrum of energy and transformation, delving into the duality of existence. This performance encourages audiences to engage in deep reflection on the universal laws that govern Hermetism, illuminated through the delicate interplay of light and shadow. 

Hermetism stands as a testament to the power of artistic collaboration, creating a space where music and visual art converge to spark wonder and introspection. It’s an immersive experience designed to engage the senses fully, challenging viewers to see beyond the surface and immerse themselves in the profound beauty and complexity of the artistic narrative presented. 


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Joep Beving


Joep Beving, a Dutch pianist renowned for his minimalist style and profound connection with the piano, embarked on a transformative musical journey from an early age. Despite a shift from conservatory training to university, where he studied public policy and public administration, Beving's passion for the piano remained unwavering. His approach evolved from seeking technical speed to expressing 'simple music for complex emotions', a shift catalysed by inheriting his grandmother's German piano, demanding a gentler touch and pacing. 

Beving's musical narrative began to unfold at 38, leading to the self-release of his debut album Solipsism in 2015, which captured the attention of Deutsche Grammophon and resulted in the subsequent release of Prehension in 2017. His works, characterised by their introspective simplicity, have made him one of the most streamed living pianists globally. This exploration continued with Conatus in 2018 and culminated in HENOSIS in 2019, an album that bridged the gap between personal introspection and universal cosmology, earning him an Edison Award. 

Beving's latest endeavor, Hermetism, released in 2022, marks a return to solo piano, inspired by the ancient spiritual philosophy of Hermeticism. Through this project, Beving invites listeners into a meditative exploration of music's ability to reflect the universal laws of nature and the interconnectedness of existence. This project, alongside his ongoing compositions for film and ballet, highlights Beving's unique ability to transcend musical boundaries, offering listeners a deeply reflective and philosophical experience.  

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Performance Location: Her Majesty's Theatre

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Her Majesty's Theatre is located at 58 Grote Street, Adelaide, which is on the north side of the street. You can’t miss the beautiful, street-facing entrance, and although there is no designated drop off area, cars can pause to drop off passengers nearby on Grote Street. 

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