inSPACE Developments

Experience new Australian performances being developed by some of the country’s most innovative performing artists.

We provide a unique opportunity for contemporary and experimental theatre, dance and hybrid performance artists to access venues and services. Each artist/group chosen for the annual inSPACE program is provided with 1–4 weeks in rehearsal (including a provision for equipment hire). Two work-in-progress showings are presented to an invited audience at the end of each inSPACE development. On top of this support, funds will be available to be attributed to artist wages.

Expressions of interest for 2018 have now closed.

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2017 inSPACE program

Dates and venues of 2017 developments are still being finalised with artists. Current event information below.

A Supposed Truth | 7 July 4pm & 6pm

Superstition and old wives’ tales reflect a time of tradition and rituals, stories to live by, to make sense of the world and make meaning.

Choreographer Jessie McKinlay
Madeline Edwards, Catherine Wells, Ruby Dolman, Annelise Colman
Craig McArdle


Demons is a dark comedy that is an expressionist take on Albee’s A Delicate Balance and Who’s Afraid of Virginia Woolf set in an apartment on the eve of a funeral.

Director Paulo Castro
Written by Lars Noren
Cast includes Luke Mullins, Jo Stone, Sophia Simmons Set Design David Lampard Lighting Design Daniel Barber
Independent Producer Insite Arts

Nil By Mouth

A Theatre Republic production, Nil by Mouth begins the moment the Lindt Café siege in Martin Place, Sydney, ends. What happens when the state steps in to control the message and begins to manage a public trauma? Whose story do we choose to tell? What happens to the truth?

Playwright Duncan Graham
Director Corey McMahon
Featuring Matt Crook, Jo Stone, Rory Walker 

The Heart

The heart is often referred to as the symbolic centre of thoughts and emotions. It represents the place of connection, wholeness, intuition and trust. The question is ‘Why the heart’?

Director/Choreographer Katrina Lazaroff 
Performers/Artistic Collaborators Stephen Noonan, Veronica Shum, Robert Griffin & Katrina Lazaroff
Sound Designer Sascha Budimski 
Dramaturg Dave Brown 
By One Point 618 Dance Theatre

Cold As Ice

Life from inside the crystal epidemic. An immersive virtual reality experience with real accounts of how lives are destroyed by methamphetamines.

Producer/Director Jamie Harding 
Writer Finegan Kruckemeyer 
Designer Becky Dee Sound & DJ TR!P 
Virtual Reality Novus Res 
Lighting Designer Chris Petridis 
Performer/Associate Director John Crouch 
Performer/Choreographer Gavin Clarke 
Performer Carissa Lee   


Is history linear or cyclical? Can we learn from the past and change our futures, or do we forever repeat ourselves? A subtle and abstract exploration of the complexity of time.

Choreographer Erin Fowler 
Lighting Design Christopher Petridis 
Performed by Australian Dance Theatre

Sometimes I… | 14 July 1pm & 4pm

Girls snuggle into sleeping bags, picking lollies out of their teeth and suppressing giggles. Excited whispers travel across the room... Sometimes I... is a performance exclusively for girls aged 9–11 which explores the chaos, heartache, confusion and joys of being a pubescent girl.

Creators/Performers Ashton Malcolm and Josephine Were 
Creator/Designer Meg Wilson 
Creative Producer Jennifer Greer Holmes 
Provocateur Roz Hervey  

The Lost Art of Listening

An investigation of how people experience and value music in an age of 24-hour connectedness and distraction. A new work for piano and audience-played smartphone choir that questions how humanity’s increasing reliance on connected technology has affected the nature of listening and performing, our distraction and attention.

Composer Hilary Kleinig 
Pianist Erik Griswold

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