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A cosmic guide: the Adelaide Cabaret Festival show for every star sign

Thursday, 18 April 2024
5 min read

Can't decide which Cabaret Festival show to go to? Let the stars decide.

We get it - there are just so many shows to choose from. Our own Virgo queen, the glorious Artistic Director Virginia Gay, has curated the most delicious, diverse, and challenging program to date.

Read on as we use the stars to guide you through the program to find the Adelaide Cabaret Festival show that best aligns with your zodiac sign.

♈Aries: Jekyll & Hyde, A Slightly Isolated Dog

Bold, energetic, and adventurous - is there any other festival better suited to this star sign? Our pick of the program for Aries would be Jekyll & Hyde by the New Zealand theatre company A Slightly Isolated Dog. This irreverent and raucous reimagining of the classic tale is 100% for our Aries audiences, who not only want to see a good show, but be part of one.

♉Taurus: Bent Burlesque, Imogen Kelly

With Venus as their ruling planet, sensual Tauruses seek out experiences that are just as physical as they are, which is why the burlesque show Bent Burlesque would be the perfect show for them. Sexy and satirical, this show is a celebration of queerness while pushing the boundaries of what burlesque could be.

♊Gemini: Pop Vulture, Johanna Allen

Perceptive and intelligent, Geminis have a natural curiosity for the world around them and its endless possibilities. This notion is gloriously brought to life in Johanna Allen's Pop Vulture, which sees Allen reimagine opera, pop, and cabaret all in one show to create something new and refreshing.

♋Cancer: A Transgender Woman On The Internet, Crying, Cassie Hamilton

Cancer is the only star sign ruled by the moon, not a planet. As the moon represents our unconscious minds, it manifests in Cancers being typically the most empathetic, emotional and nurturing of the star signs. A Transgender Woman On The Internet, Crying by Cassie Hamilton is an in development work of "trans joy and triumph", which we think will challenge, delight and charm Cancers. Don't miss this chance to see new talent before they take on the world.

♌Leo: The Best Of, Mel & Sam

Leos are the life of the party, characterised by their confidence and warmth. Musical comedians Mel & Sam are bound to give Leos the good time they seek, while showcasing the best of what contemporary cabaret can be.

♍Virgo: Life in Plastic , Christie Whelan Browne

Methodical perfectionists who will be the first to bat away any compliments about their intelligence, Virgos are happiest when they are problem solving and being helpful to the those around them. We think they will be captivated by the premise of Life in Plastic, which departs from one of the biggest problems faced by women - what to do when you find out you can't be a mother? With characteristic warmth and humour, Christie Whelan Browne's new show is an ode to the resilience of women.

♎Libra: Skinny, Michelle Pearson

Compassionate, balanced and charming, Libra's secret problem is one of boredom - they are constantly seeking art that expands their worldview. That's why we think they will love Michelle Pearson's Skinny, a show developed to challenge society's enduring preoccupation with skinny bodies. Best of all? This is all done through the medium of cabaret.

♏Scorpio: Murder for Two, Hayes Theatre Co

Scorpios are drawn to what's underneath the surface, which is why you can usually find themselves engrossed in a true crime podcast. Their fundamental urge to find out the 'why' and 'how' is aligned to the whodunnit mystery, Murder for Two, a show which is both equal parts cabaret and comedy. There's so much more to this show than meets the eye; after all, it did sell out two seasons at Sydney's Hayes Theatre.

♐Sagittarius: Now Playing by Flo & Joan

Sagittarians are relentlessly optimistic and independent risktakers, with a penchant for boundary pushing works. Matching their explorative nature is the UK show Now Playing by Flo & Joan, singing sisters that have fearlessly taken on stages across the world with their deadpan and dark humour. Go on, take a punt - we promise you won't be disappointed.

♑Capricorn: A Fine Romance, Jess Hitchcock

Ruled by Saturn, Capricorns naturally admire those who have honed their form through discipline. Natural perfectionists, we think they are going to be swept away by the conservatory trained singer Jess Hitchcock. Drawing on her opera-trained voice to take her audience through soaring pop modalities, A Fine Romance is bound to be an unforgettable genre-defying show in the intimate Space Theatre.

♒Aquarius: Cabaret Life Drawing

Enigmatic and intelligent, Aquarians are defined by their ability for independent thought and can often be found wandering art museums, deep in thought. We think they will fit right in at Cabaret Life Drawing - with live music, a sketchpad and a good glass of...something, this session is designed for any creative Aquarius looking to capture and express Cabaret on their own terms.

♓Pisces: Little Squirt, Darby James and Quiet RIOT

Imaginative, compassionate and dreamy - we are describing Pisces, but also the 2023 Melbourne Fringe Winner of the Best Cabaret Show, Little Squirt. It's no coincidence that we think this water sign will love this show that delves into a story of a gay man who stumbles across an ad for a sperm donation clinic.

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