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‘Simple Music for Complex Emotions’

Thursday, 20 June 2024
5 min read
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After self-releasing his debut album Solipsism in 2015, Joep Beving became a viral sensation, with over a billion streams of his music and sold-out shows around the globe.

Renowned for his minimalist style and profound connection with the piano, his latest album, Hermetism, invites listeners into a meditative exploration of the interconnectedness of existence.

This July, Joep embarks on his biggest Australian tour yet – we chatted to him ahead of his performance at Her Majesty’s Theatre next month.

Q: Your Edison Award winning music has been described as ‘simple music for complex emotions’ and has been streamed over a billion times. Why do you think it has resonated so widely?

I believe this is somehow to be attributed to the melancholic nature of my music. Melancholy I believe could be the default human emotion, where sadness and hope take turns. Also, my compositions are intentionally stripped down to their bare essence, allowing listeners to project their own emotions and experiences onto the music. This creates a personal and intimate connection between the music and the listener.

Lastly, streaming platforms have played a significant role in making my music accessible to a global audience. The ability to reach listeners from different cultures and backgrounds has been truly humbling. Despite our diverse experiences, music has a universal language that transcends boundaries, and I think this universal appeal is a key factor in why my music has resonated so widely.

Q: You were last in Adelaide in 2020, and are now about to embark on your largest Australian tour yet – what are you most looking forward to about this tour?

For some reason the response to my music has been great in Australia since I started in 2015. Some of my most memorable shows I have played down under – Sydney Opera House and Melbourne Recital Hall being in my top 10 experiences for sure, and the show I did in Adelaide in 2020 was one for my personal books.

It’s fascinating to see that the continent that is furthest away from where I live, seems to feel so familiar. It goes to show that we are all just one people and one soul. Playing in Australia always feels more special – it is the energy, the enthusiasm and the realness of the audience. That’s what I am looking forward to, also that we are bringing the beautiful light installation from Boris Acket with us adds to the excitement.

Q: Your Hermetism live show was crafted with the artistic vision of Boris Acket – how did this collaboration come about?

Boris and I have worked together before and we became friends. We have a very similar way of approaching our work and have a shared view on life. On top of this we share our manager between the two of us. Boris is an incredible artist that does with light (and often sound too) what I attempt to do with music. Sharing the stage with the light installation we developed, feels like being in a band where serendipitous things might enhance the concert experience on top of the harmony that we have aspired intentionally when designing the performance.

Don't miss Joep Beving in July

Joep Beving will bring the Australian premiere of his acclaimed Hermetism live show to Adelaide’s Her Majesty’s Theatre on Thursday 18 July, tickets on sale now.

Joep Beving Hermetism

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