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Brink Productions

Brink makes universal stories and takes them to the world. For more than 25 years, from our home on Kaurna Yerta, Brink has been creating transcendent Australian theatre to contribute to the creation of a more compassionate society.

Brink - Symphonie de la Bicyclette

Brink exists to tell stories.

Stories unify and unite humanity. Stories transport us to worlds we might not otherwise reach, helping us to understand what it’s like to walk in the ways of other people. Stories place us in history, connecting the ‘here and now’ to past and future – offering context, and reassuring us we are not alone. Stories are crucibles of life lessons learnt across millennia – collective wisdom and timeless warning. Stories awaken our imagination, creating the creators of tomorrow. 

Stories are essential. They are the DNA of civilisation: transforming strangers into fellow travellers, and fostering empathy where no other opportunity exists.

We tell our stories to create a more compassionate society.

Brink believes deeply in the power of the theatrical artform, in its ability to reshape our senses, elevate our perception and unveil our essential humanity. We believe it is vital that we hear from and share in the stories of peoples from all walks of life. There are so many powerful artists with unique stories who for too long have not had the opportunity to tell them. Today, Brink is working with more artists than ever before, empowering them to pursue their own visions on their own terms, to make their most resonant work. It is our ambition to fully align ourselves with the needs of each artist, to respond acutely to the needs of each project, to assist them in reaching further than they have ever reached before, to successfully create the kind of illuminating, ecstatic, transformative experiences for their audiences that, we know, only the theatre can provide.

For over 25 years, the unifying element of Brink’s work has been the deep faith we hold in the potency of our collaborations, both with our artists and with audiences. As we look now to the future, we recommit ourselves to the best of our legacy, as we also open ourselves up to new visions and opportunities, new conversations and new horizons, all for the betterment of our community, our artform and our society.

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