A competition to develop creativity in young people.

Imagine hearing your music played by the Australian Youth Orchestra, Adelaide Youth Orchestras, Queensland Youth Orchestras or the Sydney Youth Orchestras and broadcast at venues around Australia! If you are a budding composer or musician, then the Fanfare Competition is an exciting opportunity for you.


Congratulations to the talented young composers whose compositions can be heard at Adelaide Festival Centre in 2022!

Annika Ganesh (Age 12, SA) Unum, Bonnie Cook (Age 20, WA) Everlasting, Cassie Parke (Age 21, NSW) Flare, Charlie Wells (Age 16, SA) The Joy of the Night, Floyd Taylor (Age 15, Tas) Arrival, Phillip Cullen (Age 20, NSW) Anticipation, Raphael Luxton (Age 19, WA) It's now or never and Will Hartley-Keane (Age 16, Vic) ...towards a fanfare-ish ending.

Submissions are now closed for the 2021-22 Fanfare program. More information here

Fanfare is a project by Artology.