Your Visit

We hope you and your students find your visit to Adelaide Festival Centre engaging and enriching.

To ensure you all have the best learning experience when you visit please take note of the following information. 


For safety reasons, Adelaide Festival Centre does not permit large bags and backpacks inside auditorium areas. Please leave school bags at school. Patrons who must keep their belongings with them for medical reasons will be permitted to admit bags in to the auditorium if they are visually inspected by a front of house officer.


Exciting changes are underway around Adelaide Riverbank and Festival Plaza. Throughout the redevelopment, venue access and pathways to Adelaide Festival Centre will change. For new routes and a map, road closures, drop off zones, and alternative parking, please visit the website:


Adelaide Festival Centre’s Front of House staff are trained in emergency response procedures. In the event of an emergency please follow the directions of the Front of House attendants.


Adelaide Festival Centre is a professional working arts complex with four theatres, including Her Majesty’s Theatre on Grote Street, and a variety of exhibition spaces. On arrival for a performance you will be greeted by Front of House staff or the Education Officer and escorted to your seats in the theatre or workshop venue(s). Whilst in the auditorium, students are expected to comply with behaviour appropriate for a live performance.

Please advise students to

  • Refrain from taking notes until during interval or after the show
  • Switch off all electronic devices
  • Only drink water in the theatres and workshop spaces
  • Save talking and sharing observations until interval and after the show


The Education Officer can act in many different capacities including; facilitator, supervisor of activities or provider of extended learning resources. All teachers are reminded that they have a duty of care to supervise students at all times.

centrED follows the recommended EDU SA teacher to student ratio:

  • 1:6 for Pre-school – 2
  • 1:10 for Years 3–7
  • 1:15 for Years 8–12

Teachers’ duty of care can act in different capacities including supervision in small and large groups, instructing, observing from a distance or participating in the activity. A minimum of two sanctioned supervisors/teachers are required at all times. For learning experiences with a fee, supervisors will be admitted free at least up to the ratios outlined above or as stated in centrED Teaching & Learning Program Guidelines.



  • The time and date of your visit – aim to arrive 20 minutes early
  • Which venue you are attending and the best way to access it (access has changed with the redevelopment!)
  • The duration of travel requirements and best drop-off point
  • If tickets are available by post or at the venue (BASS)
  • That you have the correct contact information on the booking form


Before bringing your students to see a show or take part in a workshop, we recommend that you prepare your students for their learning experience, this may be by running pre visit activities from the teacher resource kit for the show, or talking them through themes, styles and expectations. Students who are prepared for their visit are likely to be more engaged and have a deeper learning experience.