inSPACE Developments

Experience contemporary new work being developed by some of South Australia’s most innovative performing artists and creatives.

Adelaide Festival Centre’s inSPACE program is a cutting-edge, grassroots and innovative program that supports some of South Australia’s most talented, independent artists. See hot new talent across all art forms including: theatre, dance, visual arts and music. Be part of the artistic conversation: sharing, contributing and discovering how art is created behind the scenes. This creative blurring of the line between artist and audience reinforces Adelaide Festival Centre’s philosophy – Arts for All – that the arts belong to everyone.

Each artist/group chosen for the annual inSPACE program is provided with 1–3 weeks in-kind venue rehearsal, along with a provision for technical equipment hire, and a contribution towards artist wages. Work-in-progress showings are presented to an invited audience at the end of each inSPACE development, providing valuable feedback to help inform the next stage of your artistic process.

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2020 inSPACE program

Dates and venues of 2020 developments are still being finalised with artists. Current event information below.


Hyperobject is a local experience of something that is too big to see in its entirety. Developing as a fusion of sculpture and performance, it makes physical those things which we’ve been told are immaterial – the cloud, the virtual, the digital. This is a work in progress showing of a new development for Tom Borgas, working with Amber Cronin, Zoe Gay, Felicity Boyd (Motus Collective) and Chris Petridis. The work has been developed by the Adelaide Festival Centre's inSPACE Development program and is hosted at The Mill Adelaide, Breakout Space. This chance to witness a showing of ideas will allow audiences to dive into the space between virtual and physical, a work as it is becoming.

Showings: Friday 28 August, 4pm and 6pm

Venue: The Mill Breakout Space (access via Gunson Street), max capacity 30pax


Creative Team
Tom Borgas - Lead Artist
Amber Cronin - Creative Direction, Production
Chris Petridis - Lighting
Luke Hancock - Sound Consulting
Felicity Boyd - Choreographer/Lead Performer (movement)
Dancers from Motus Collective

Yasha’s Lullaby

Old traditions and imbalances collide in a powerful modern themed musical theatre production constructed by Noriko Tadano. Exploring confronting issues that women still face in this modern world, Noriko uses her shamisen, voice and experiences to shine a blinding light on the lack of real progress.

Showing: Friday 20 November, 6pm

Venue: Drama Centre Rehearsal Room (enter via Dunstan Playhouse foyer)

RSVP: coming soon.  

Creative Team
Noriko Tadano – Creator, Performer, Director and Producer
Yusuke Horaguchi – Animation Artist
Simon Colebrook – Stage/Artist Assistant

The Lost Art of Listening

The Lost Art of Listening is a work for prepared piano and audience-played smartphone choir by composer Hilary Kleinig which investigates how people experience and value music in an age of 24-hour connectedness and distraction. Featuring pianist Erik Griswold, audiences are invited to use their phone to play a part in the sonic experience.

Creative Team
Hilary Kleinig - Composer/Creator
Erik Griswold - Pianist
Steve Berrick - Tech design
Tamara Saulwick - Mentor
Emma Beech - Mentor
Sandpit - Tech Consultants  

Fill the Earth

Fill the Earth is a multi discipline art project combining live performance with video and art installation. Artists from diverse backgrounds have created individual works on a circular stage responding to the themes of how our values and behaviours influence society, our natural environment and ultimately the planet.

Creative Team
Juha Vanhakartano - Project Leader, Curator, Concept Developer, Filmmaker
Lina Limosani - Choreographer, Dancer
Alison Currie - Maker, Choreographer, Performer
Thom Buchanan - Painter, Drawer, Performer (action painting)


Thank You Brain

Incorporating live music, song, movement, performance art and magic, Thank You Brain is one man’s journey of living with anxiety. A charming, moving and very human theatrical experience that, when our brains whir with a million unhelpful thoughts, encourages us to stop and simply say 'thank you brain’.

Creative Team
Corey McMahon - Director/Dramaturg
Tim Overton - Performer
Roz Hervey - Movement Choreographer
Jude Henshall - Performer
Quincy Grant - Composer
Chris Petridis - Lighting and AV Designer
Meg Wilson – Designer


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