inSPACE Developments

Experience new Australian performances being developed by some of the country’s most innovative performing artists.

Adelaide Festival Centre’s inSPACE program is a cutting-edge, grassroots, innovative program that supports some of Australia’s most talented, independent artists. See hot new talent across all art forms including theatre, dance, visual arts and music. Be part of the artistic conversation: sharing, contributing and discovering how art is created behind the scenes. This creative blurring of the line between artist and audience reinforces Adelaide Festival Centre’s foundation philosophy that art belongs to everyone.

We provide a unique opportunity for contemporary and experimental theatre, dance and hybrid performance artists to access venues and services. Each artist/group chosen for the annual inSPACE program is provided with 1–4 weeks in rehearsal (including a provision for equipment hire). Two work-in-progress showings are presented to an invited audience at the end of each inSPACE development. On top of this support, funds will be available to be attributed to artist wages.

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2018 inSPACE program

Dates and venues of 2018 developments are still being finalised with artists. Current event information below.

In The Dark

In The Dark is a sensorial experiential theatre piece set almost entirely in the dark. In The Dark will take you on a journey into darkness.

Director Tim Overton
Rebecca Mayo. Elizabeth Hay, James Smith, Nathan O'Keefe
Rachel Bruerville

Showing Friday 7 December 2018



The Wedding

The Wedding is a new immersive and interactive dance theatre work that will explore what we are capable of doing to each other as humans.

Creative Director Tobiah Booth- Remmers
Director/ Dramaturg Steve Mayhew
Designer Meg Wilson
Musician Dan Thorpe
Documentation Tim Standing
Performers/ Collaborators Joshua Hoare, Roz Hervey, Jo Stone, Thomas Bradley, Katherine Gurr, Jordan Cowan and Tyson Olson.

Showing Friday 14 December 2018


In 2007 astronaut Lisa Nowak drove across America to confront her lover’s lover. Drive explores lost women set against long stretches of road and outer space.

Writer Rebecca Meston
Director Daniel Evans
Actors Jo Stone and Ashton Malcolm
Physical Performer Leah Shelton
Choreographer Larissa McGowan
Sound Designer Ian Moorhead
Lighting Designer Chris Petridis
Dramaturg Saffron Benner
Outside Eye Roz Hervey

Showing Friday 28 and Saturday 29 September 2018

Digging a Hole to China

A journey to the centre of the earth and beyond. Two performers explore what it means to be united and isolated in the modern world.

Performer/Deviser Ellen Steele
Collaborator Erin Fowler
Technology Creative and Outside Eye Dan Koerner






Contact is a multi-art performance using music, film and design to explore the opposite and contrary forces of human emotions.

Composer Kiah Gossner
Designer Jill Halliday
Film Morgan Wright

Showing Friday 25 May 2018

The World is Looking For You

An exploration of identity and place, loss and rediscovery and how suddenly we no longer seem to recognise the person staring back at us in the mirror.

Writer Finegan Kruckemeyer
Director Daisy Brown
Performer Sarah Brokensha

Showing Thursday 15 November 2018

Choreographic Futures

The Mill’s Choreographic Futures program invites nationally or internationally acclaimed dance artists to participate in a mentorship/workshop program.

Choreographic Futures is focused on connecting South Australian artists with artists and artistic fields outside of the state and around the world. For the 2018 inSPACE partnership, a selected group of artists will showcase work developed as part of Choreographic Futures.

Past programs

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