Avoid the stress of finding a park and enjoy a drink at the theatre. Consider catching a cab or uber!

With construction work continuing at Adelaide Festival Centre’s Riverbank location and concluding at Her Majesty’s Theatre, recommended drop off locations are changing. Please advise your driver that you would like to be driven to the following locations: 

Dunstan Playhouse/Space Theatre: The recommended Dunstan Playhouse and Space Theatre drop off zone is at the northern end of the Riverbank Footbridge on War Memorial Drive (walk across the Footbridge to Dunstan Playhouse) or at the Intercontinental Hotel (walk north between the Intercontinental Hotel and Railway Station along the lane way to the Riverbank). There is also a drop off area with two disability access parking spaces is located on lower Festival Drive at the Southern base of the Riverbank Footbridge, accessible from the west via Montefiore Road.

Please click here for a pedestrian access map for available pathways and road closures around the precinct. 

Festival Theatre: A dedicated drop-off/pick-up only zone is located at the King William Road entrance to Festival Theatre, just before Elder Park, accessible for outbound traffic only along King William Road. A formal taxi rank is not available on King William Road. A formal taxi rank is not available on King William Road.

Her Majesty’s Theatre: There is not a taxi rank directly adjacent to Her Majesty’s Theatre. The closest rank is outside the Hilton Hotel on Victoria Square.

Taxi ranks are located on King William Street, outside the Casino and Railway Station, and in other prominent locations around the city

Contact any of the following services to book your pre and post-show pickups: 

Access Taxis
1300 360 940

Adelaide Independent Taxi Services

Yellow Cab Co

Des's Minibus
08 8440 1600

Vin's Buses

Star Bus